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July 4th Fun - Get Creative and Festive!

July 4th Fun - Get Creative and Festive!

We can't believe the 4th of July is right around the corner! We have seen some amazing and creative projects and activities to celebrate and we are so excited to share some of our favorites with you! 

Create your own homemade decor! Deck the halls with Red, White, and Blue! 

A simple and Easy way to create patriotic decor is simply recycling or using what you may already have around the house. Kwik Stix work on paper, cardboard, and more!!

We love these heart shaped American Flags made by @2art.chambers on instagram, a fun and easy project everyone can participate in!

Materials needed:

  • A canvas: any paper works great! You can use construction, sketch pad, even computer paper, it won’t bleed through! Or, try Cardboard - recycle a cereal box or boxes from deliveries, and cut them into any shape you want.
  • Kwik Stix/Thin Stix: grab your Red, White, and Blue Kwik or Thin Stix. It’s that easy!


Having a BBQ? Bring some pizzazz by decorating your Bikes or scooter for a fun addition to the day! Check out this awesome patriotic outfit paired with scooter embellishments by @maketocelebrate on Instagram. The best part: It's super easy to make a patriotic streamer for your bike or scooter!

Materials needed:

  • Toilet Paper Rolls (to fit over the handle bar)
  • Streamers 
  • Tape or Glue to attach the streamers
  • Kwik Stix or Thin Stix to decorate however you want! 

Once you're done decorating, simply put the Toilet Rolls over your handlebars and you're ready to go! 


Celebrate in style! Face Paint and Hair chalk are a fun and easy way to add red white and blue to your outfit - the best part: it’s temporary and washes out easily - so go crazy with festive stars and stripes! 

Get everything you need to celebrate here:

Kwik Stix:

Thin Stix:

Hair Chalk:

Face Paint:


OR - Bundle, AND SAVE!

Poster Ideas and Inspo!

Posters are a fun, creative, and personal way to bring positivity and gratitude to the community as we adjust to a “new normal” in these changing times. 

Now more than ever, it is so important to Thank those who are going above and beyond to keep us safe and healthy! Use your Jumbo Kwik Stix to create a personal Thank You to First REsponders, Medical Professionals, Supermarket and Store Associates, Teachers, Delivery Drivers, and MORE! 


During this time, big life events are still happening, even if it is in a different way than we originally planned. Birthdays, Graduations, Weddings, Baby Showers, Proms and more deserve to continue to be celebrated and honored during social distancing until we can come together again in a bigger and better way! Posters, banners, and window painting are a great way to show support and celebrate from near and far. 

We can't wait until we are all together again, but until then - we are so excited to continue to see the posters and window paintings in our communities. They bring positivity and light to a time that can seem dark at moments and it is a reminder we are still an come together and celebrate each other!


Get Jumbo Kwik Stix here, and start creating your own posters today!

Birthday Party in a Box!

During these times when we are staying home and Social Distancing to do our part to keep our communities safe and healthy, life events like Birthday Parties are different - but that doesn't mean they have to be any less fun! Here’s everything you need to bring the birthday party home to you! Celebrate at home, or on the road with a Drive-By Parade celebration! 

Every good party needs decorations, and what’s better than custom party decor?!

Kwik Stix and Jumbo Kwik Stix are perfect to create “Happy Birthday” banners and signs for the loved one you're celebrating. Use their favorite colors to create posters around the house, or to hang on your car for the Drive By Parade. No posters, no problem! Kwik Stix work great on windows - so create washable messages on the house or car windows ! 

Add some excitement to your party by dressing up and turning into your favorite characters for the day! Hair Chalk and Face Stix face paint, are perfect for a mess free transformation! 

Use the bright colors in the hair chalk pack to give yourself mermaid or unicorn hair for the day! The easy application and removable makes it fun and simple to add color to your hair without the mess. 

The options are endless when it comes to face stix! Washable and gentle on skin, the easy application transforms you into your favorite character, superhero, animal and more in minutes! Becoming your favorite characters at home for your party is easy with Hair Chalk and Face Stix! 

Everyone deserves to celebrate their special day, and we want to make it easy to bring the fun home to your doorstep! These links below are everything you need to make an amazing at home birthday party or drive by parade with your Birthday Party in a Box! 


Kwik Stix:

Kwik Stix Jumbo:

Hair Chalk

Face Stix

Window Painting With Kwik Stix & Wonder Stix!

During these uncertain times, window painting has become an amazing way to connect and bring color to your community. A colorful drawing on your window or door is a great way to spread joy and share a positive message with your neighbors. Brighten up your day with Kwik Stix and Wonder Stix window painting ! Both products work perfectly for this type of project and easily come off with just a little soap and water. Check out some of our favorite projects for inspiration below. Don't forget to share your creations with us on Instagram @KwikStixPaint! 

Window Painting With Kwik Stix

Stay Positive 

stay positive window painting




girls window painting with kwik stix



Rainbow Painting 

boy painting rainbow on window


Happy Easter

happy easter painted on window



Stained Glass

stained glass window with paint




Window Painting With Wonder Stix

We're All In This Together 

window painting with wonder stix



Find a Rainbow

girl drawing rainbow on window


Connect with Grandparents 

grandparents and grandchildren drawing on window



10 Free Online Learning Resources for At-Home Learning

With so many school closures during the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic distance and online learning have become the new normal. Both teachers and parents are looking for resources to help bring education into the home. We are here to help! We have rounded up some of the top free online learning resources to make bringing education into the home a little easier for students, parents and teachers. 

1. Learning Resources 

This resource provides essential advice and activities to bring the classroom home. Created by both teachers and parents, the tools are just want you need to help your little ones build new skills while having fun along the way.

2. Art for Kids Hub

This is a great family YouTube channel that provides draw along art projects. The drawings are perfect for any age! 

3. Scholastic Learn At Home 

Day-to-day projects to keep kids reading, thinking and learning. They resources range from PreK through 9th Grade. 

4. Friendzy Freebies 

Social Emotional Learning has never been more important than it is during these times. Friendzy offers free resources to support families and teachers by teaching SEL skills such as resiliency, hope and self-awareness so kids can better manage their emotions. 

5. e-Learning for Kids

e-Learning For Kids is a great site that offers free  interactive learning games that are engaging and fun. Students click on their grade (Kindergarten through 6th Grade) and then choose from a list of games divided into subjects.

6. Math Games

This is a great source for free math games and skill practice online. You can practice math by grade, PreK to 8th Grade, or by skill. 

7. ABCya!

ABCya provides over 400 fun and educational games for grades PreK through 6. The activities are categorized by grade and subject, and cover topics such as multiplication, parts of speech, typing, pattern recognition, and more. It is free if you using on a desktop computer but you will have to subscribe to premium if you want to use on your phone or tablet. 

8. NeoK12

Some believe kids learn best when they 'see' how things work. NeoK12 offers over 5,500 educational videos to help students build a visual model in their mind. All the videos are arranged by subject and have been individually reviewed by K-12 teachers. 

9. DuoLingo

You can learn 15+ languages with this free app. DuoLingo makes learning fun by giving you points for correct answers, racing against the clock and jumping up levels. 

Created by author John Green, this YouTube channel provides crash courses in science, politics, anatomy, world history, U.S. history, literature, computer science and more!   

At-Home Creativity!

It's time to get creative with materials you have at home! Grab your Kwik Stix and the possibilities are endless!

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