Fabric Paint Stix, Set of 6 Classic Colors

The Pencil Grip, Inc.

SKU: TPG-630

  • Machine Washable! Paint is Permanent and highly durable once dried.
  • High quality! Paint dries soft, not stiff, and won’t bleed through fabric.
  • Versatile! Sketch, draw, paint, and create your own masterpiece on clothing, canvas and more.
  • Kid friendly! Fabric paint sticks are easy to use and ideal for School projects, craft time, creating gifts and personalized Items.
  • Non-toxic! Paint is 100% safe for everyone to enjoy.

Fabric Stix work on different types of fabric for a wonderful crafting experience.  It is great for making flags, signs and canvas bags as well. It needs to dry for 24 hours or be heat set with a blow dryer or drying machine before it gains the ability to go into the washing machine.  Once the design is set it is highly durable and stands up to everyday use and multiple washes.